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280 SF Minimalist Mexican casita With Santorini-inspired archway.

Rame is perched on a ridge overlooking our 100 acre Hill Country property, this modern, minimalist Mexican casita has a Santorini-inspired archway & French doors. Plush as ever, it’s fully outfitted for big comfort & big views with floor to ceiling glass walls. We also threw in a bridge between the villa & the deck, just for fun.

Cool down in your personal plunge pool. Say hi to our mini cows! Grill a feast on the fire pit & enjoy sunset dining on the huge deck. ​It’s elevated camping with the comforts of home including of course, AC, and a private in room shower and bathroom.

About Missing Hotel Story:

After traveling to 50 countries and staying at thousands of properties, Missing Hotel has learned a few things about what makes a place memorable for both the right and wrong reasons. From luxury hotels to stopover AirBnBs, overwater bungalows in Fiji to shared rooms in Cuba,

They had plenty of awe-inspiring stays and a few disastrous ones. Too often, though, we’ve simply been disappointed. These places over promised and under delivered, or worse, they looked at us and saw dollar signs instead of people.

Missing is the remedy for that. Imagine a place that makes you feel like your experience is the only thing that matters. A place that thinks of everything, so you have the space in your mind to explore what matters most to you. A place that inspires and provides the means to help you turn those ideas into something tangible. A place that embodies everything with purpose.

This is not merely a hotel, a stopover, a self-help course. It’s a reprieve. It’s a space to regroup, explore, create, process, breathe more easily, and feel genuinely looked after. It’s permission to go missing for a while, trusting that when you return home, you’ll be better for it.


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