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32m2 Tiny House designed to meet the increasing demand for tiny housing.

The Tiny House 32m2 (TH32) has been designed to meet the increasing demand for tiny housing. But there is also a lot of interest in this Tiny Cabin as a second home, informal care home, office or as a studio. Inside is outside. Outdoor living is important in our philosophy. We try to bring in the great outdoor feeling through many large windows.

Lots of view to the outside, lots of light to the inside. And with a covered outdoor terrace you can sit comfortably outside even in less weather and enjoy the elements of nature.

EcoCabins was founded by the desire to combine two ideals. The great ideal to create a world without fossil energy and the personal ideal to offer housing solutions for a target group that prefers to live small, however does not want to be tucked away in a flat. A sustainable tiny home. With our sustainable homes and / or tiny houses, we demonstrate that things can be done differently in residential construction and in this way we try to accelerate the transition from fossil energy to a sustainable alternative in residential construction.

After all, a world without fossil energy not only improves the air quality, but also helps a country to become more energy independent and will lead to more innovation. From this dream we started EcoCabins.

All EcoCabins are of a high quality and affordable. Purchase with minimal mortgage payments, rent in the mid market or to rent as social housing. This leaves you more time and resources for freedom, free time and fun things. All prices are excluding costs of transport and placement in the Netherlands.

The windows, made of triple glass (HR +++), have an extra insulation layer compared to the usual double glass. Due to the extra weight of the extra glass layer, the construction of the house must also be more robust. The solid wood supporting structures from Ecocabins have been developed to Scandinavian standards and quality requirements.

All EcoCabins are equipped with standard connections for utilities for water, waste water (sewage) and electricity. The property has no gas connection. It is also possible to deliver the property off-grid (self-sufficient), especially interesting at unique locations.

Additional investments are required for this. Contact us for the options and a price indication.



BASE PRICE(USD): $74,000


SLEEPS: Up to 2

LAYOUT: 1 Bed | 1 Bath

BUILT BY: Eco Cabins

SHIPS TO: Netherlands

TYPE: Small Home

DIMENSIONS(in FT): 25' X 12'

Contact Seller:


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