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#4 Gadgets that you need in your Home.

Ambilight USB LED Strip light.

Ambilight adds ambient backlight effects to Computer or laptop compliment on-screen video content. An Ambilight kit dynamically adjusts elements such as color and brightness to create a more immersive multimedia experience.

Price : US $13.22 - 41.39

AUN Smart Projector D5S, Android 7.1

D5s Parameter 

System D5s

System:Android 7.1


Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0

CPU: RK3128, Quad Core

Memory: RAM 1G, ROM 8G (Optional 2G+32G)Optical Parameters

Light engine: DLP 0.3” DMD

Brightness: 200 ANSI lumens

Contrast Ratio: 2,000:1

Resolution: 854*480 (WVGA)  Support to 1080P

Price: US $193.23 - 213.75

Led Smart Wifi Switch Touch Control.

Workable Light for the Dimmer Switch The WiFi Dimmer Switch can work with Incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, Iodine tungsten lamp, Resistive buck LED lamp, stepless dimming LED lamp. Not all LED bulbs are suitable for our WiFi dimmer switch, so we have a dimmable LED bulb that can be dimmed with the WiFi switch. Intelligent dimming, intelligent life. Smart WiFi touch control Stepless Dimmer Switch This touch dimmer switch supports maximum power of 300W that can work with most lights with dimming function. Compatible with Amazon Alexa / Google Home User can control this stepless WiFi dimmer via voice through Alexa / Google device to turn on/off the light and adjust the brightness. Easy operation, smart life! Timing Schedules Support max 8 enable single/repeat/countdown timing schedules each device. Preset timers can work even network is unavailable, but the device must keep power on.

Price : US $17.99 - 18.98

Xiaomi Mijia Smart Wine Stopper Stainless Steel Vacuum Memory Wine Stopper.

XIAOMi Ecological chain brand--Circle Joy Smart Wine Stopper Stainless Steel Vacuum Memory Wine Stopper Electric Stopper  

- [ Efficient Preservation ] : The vacuum level is always maintained at a high standard of 0.038Mpa, and the long-term preservation is fresh. After 7 days, the red wine is opened and the taste is as good as the original.  - [ Sleek Shape Design ] : Unique circular design removes the traditional wine stopper pump head, which is greatly reduced in size, light and easy to place. - [ Date Scale & Smart Memory Integration ] : The humanized innovation uses the date scale reminder function, and you only need to gently twist the wine stopper to select the corresponding storage as scheduled.  - [ Placed Horizontally And Vertically ] : Optimized for the internal structure of the upgrade, after use, together with the wine bottle can not only be placed vertically, but also placed horizontally, saving storage space.

Price : US $6.90

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