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4 Years Of Minimalistic Living- She Designed Her Dream Tiny House.

Dane has lived in her tiny home for 4 years in multiple locations, which is one of the reasons tiny homes are so appealing. Oregon Cottage Company built her home, which she co-designed with him. She discusses how much she enjoyed the experience. She has an amazing eye for detail and has crafted her home in such a beautiful way. It really is an inviting, creative space.

Hi i am Dane this is my tiny house I call her Manderley long story but yes she does have a name I've been living in her for 4 years now so I started my journey and late 2015 the house was completed so we've got a lot of miles on this little tiny house.

I'm in a little bit of transition now in terms of decor I'm an interior designer so I've gone from very cottagey and now I'm going to a little more tribal being in a new area so I'm sort of in that

flux right now but then that all works out me in.

Todd Miller of the Oregon cottage company built the house he's an architect and we Co design the plan the floor plan and it was really an exceptionally good experience in order to find a simple way lifestyle.

I thought this is going to be perfect I own this little house low maintenance do not have to share walls just didn't seem to be anything not to like about it .

when I'm in someone's house I always sort of check myself and say how would you feel better being back and go into a large house a regular-sized house and I have to say no not especially no. If you're moving to a tiny house and you need a designer you can email me

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