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$5,000 Stunning Tiny House.


The affordability factor is a big one. In recent years, we have watched the average price of a tiny house on wheels creep up as the movement grows, more builders get involved and the spec of tiny homes ever increases. It’s not uncommon for a tiny house on wheels to now cost over US$100,000 – still a relatively tiny price tag compared to the cost of a ‘normal’ house in some areas, however still a price too far out of reach for many.


Jay’s new home is extra tiny and stripped back to the basics. It’s roughly 7 x 8 ft (2 x 2.5 meters) and contains a day bed / couch, a small desk, lots of storage space and a sleeping loft. There’s no kitchen and no toilet (for these he uses shared ammenities at his tiny house parking spot) but this stripped back version of a tiny house has a material cost of only $5,000.

Stepping inside Jay’s tiny house, you immediately get a sense of being home. That’s thanks to some incredibly good design from a man who has had 20 years to contemplate the form and function of a tiny house.


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