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64-Year-Old SOLO Woman Travels Full-Time in Her Incredible Tiny House. (Van Tour 2020)

In this van tour youtube we're checking out Clare's beautifully crafted campervan! She spent over a year designing it down to the millimeter and now lives and travels in it full-time. The van is a complete tiny home - with a kitchen, toilet, shower, office, and bed, all in a vehicle that's just 6m long!

“I'm Claire I'm 64 years old I live full-time in my van conversion which is a Fiat Ducato maxi 2016 turbo Diesel. I live fully off-grid with solar power and a lithium system ,my van has a name and it's called the mouse house.”

“I had a house I had a mortgage and as you might know being an artist your income is not much, so then I thought well if I have something small and beautiful that I own without a mortgage that's going to make me feel a lot better than having four empty bedroomsand a mortgage, and then maintenance coming along so I sold the house be mortgage free bought an empty van and found people that would would do what I wanted to do. I needed it to be beautiful I needed it to be artful I needed that every time I walked into it I liked it and I do.”

“I spent about a year researching reading looking at tiny houses looking at van builds and picking licking little bits out of them too till I came up with this design.

Solo women travel in a van that is the first question is it safe? will I be safe! and a good idea

is to have the way to get from the back into the camp and drive away that's a good idea. If you park somewhere that you're not sure off don't put your awning out just

be ready to drive away.”

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Brenda Warner Stevens
Brenda Warner Stevens
Apr 04, 2020

do you sell your art...or have a Patreon or Paypal ?

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