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70 Year Old Builds Off-Grid Tiny House for allowing him to live big in his retirement.


Imagine living costs so low that you can actually watch your bank account grow just from your government pension. That's just one of the benefits that Peter Matheson discovered when he built and moved into his off-the-grid, super tiny house on wheels in Grand Forks, British Columbia.


Peter named his tiny house on wheels Mi Pad. Originally it was built as an experiment in creating affordable housing but throughout the process Peter realised that he was actually building the home for himself. An avid advocate of alternative housing Peter tricked the council into viewing the home by saying that it was a prototype micro-home from Apple that was going to be in Grand Forks, BC.


The interior of this 125 square ft (12m2) home is simple yet packed with everything you need for comfortable living. It includes a bed down the far end, a desk space, a kitchen and a small bathroom. The entire home is designed to be off-the-grid and is able to be efficiently run on solar energy. This is currently not set up however due to the shaded parking spot.

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