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A Fantastic DIY Cobb Tiny House Built with Earth & Reclaimed Materials.


A fantastic DIY Cobb house that was built using sand clay and straw and reclaimed materials like cedar siding ceramic tiles and second-hand windows. It was built by a professional snowboarder

who's been living in it for four years and at just under four hundred square feet she managed to create a really cozy and functional tiny home.


She wanted to build a home with natural and reclaimed materials so the main floor is built with cob – a mix of sand, clay, and straw – and the upper floor is built with reclaimed cedar siding. She also used secondhand windows and other materials that were used or on their way to the landfill to reduce the impact of her project.

For heat, she uses a sealed woo wood stoves stove and has backup electric heat if she's leaving the house for an extended period of time. For water and wast waste, she's hooked up to a well and septic.


She is currently using propane for her stove and hot water heater but has bought and activated a system to produce and collect methane using food waste. She hopes to eventually transition to using homemade gas instead of propane.

The tiny cob house is plugged into the grid but she also has a small solar panel array to feed renewable energy onto the grid.

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