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A peaceful Tiny house hideaway awaits you in the Swedish woods.


The accommodation is called 'VIPP hotel' or 'VIPP shelter'. It's a special kind of hotel where you stay by yourself but you have the luxurious feel of staying in a hotel & now it's time to show you around! One special aspect is that the house is designed to be very open and compact.


When you step inside you have this beautiful view over the lake.

And I can imagine how beautiful it may look during summertime when everything is green and with the direct access to the lake. The interior design is pretty dark, together with the open glass fronts, it is still super bright and it gives the whole place an elegant touch it's just beautiful.

And because it is such a special and peaceful place, you feel so relaxed even after only two days here. Even though it is a bit more expensive, but it's totally worth the money!


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