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A solo female traveler in a converted van with her puppy- Living on the road can be an incredible!

Hi! I’m Sydney. A solo female traveler currently exploring the US in a converted van with my pup, Ella. Living on the road can be an incredible, yet intimidating process to begin.

Before van life, it was the summer of 2017 which was a major turning point for me. I was working about 70+ hours at a restaurant where the boss was absolutely cruel, and I was just another replaceable body filling in the gaps where work was needed.

I was doing the event management for the restaurant and hotel next door. Although it was a great job financially, the emotional toll was brutal to say the least. Also enrolled in college and finishing up my senior year, I started desperately searching for an “out”. I was at my breaking point and needed an escape. As soon as I got my degree, I left Chicago and moved back home to my parents house in Indiana to figure out what was next for me.

That’s when I found van life on social media and something just told me that this was the move I needed to make. It was perfect. I could travel full- time which was an absolute dream because I had always had such a nomadic personality and heart. I was tired of saving up all my money and spending it for a two week vacation and then returning to the endless work cycle.

So.. I found a van online and contacted a couple family friends who agreed to help with the build. That’s when I began creating my own dream and haven’t looked back since!

Now, I help other people make the leap into traveling full- time, living on the road, how to find work remotely, or whatever it is that’s holding them back. If you wan make the jump but are scared or need guidance, I’m your girl!

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