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A Tiny House Hotel for the people who can try out the tiny house lifestyle / Romantic TINY House.

Pam Westra takes us through her favorite Tiny House (the Victorian Themed Tiny House) at Tiny Digs Hotel, and talks about what it's really like owning and running a Tiny Home Hotel.

Hi, I'm Pam Westra and I'm the owner of tiny digs hotel here in Portland, Oregon. Tiny digs was conceived a few years ago, but it took us a whole year to build all the houses that we wanted to start with. We opened in the fall of 2016 with six houses.

We now have nine houses on site, so we rent out tiny houses as a hotel so people can try out the tiny house lifestyle. We wanted each house to be designed differently. So if somebody came and said, I'm thinking of living tiny, hey would have different style houses to go in and see them.

The cottage tiny house is the ninth house that we built for tiny digs and we purposely put it out into the future a little bit because we knew we wanted to do a little bit more detail on this house and have a little more time to devote to it. It took us four months to build this house.

The cottage Victorian home that we have here that we're in today is reminiscent of my home in Michigan, which was also a cottage Victorian. We raised our boys in that home and left it behind when we hit the road in an RV for a few years, it has a lot of the white features that we had in the house.

Uh, the rosettes on the corners of the window, the fireplace that was all custom designed and some of the stained glass and such like in our home back in Michigan.

This is my favorite house at tiny digs because of all the details that went into it and the memories that I share between this house and my dream house that I had in Michigan at one time.

All the houses are 16 foot long or 18 foot long depending on the house and so they're double axle specifically made trailers from Iron Eagle trailers right here on the East side of Portland. The paint isn't sprayed on them. It's all powder coated and baked on for longevity and so they don't rust out.

The feeling that the guests get and the feedback that I get, it's just tremendous. I just love it.

We get people that come to tiny digs from all sorts of backgrounds.

Even if a person isn't going to live tiny themselves, they get so excited when they come here and see the tinies and get to experience this. They've seen a lot of the TV shows.They've read about it and it's just near and dear to them too when they leavejust like it is me.


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