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A True Apartment On Wheels - The Most Cleverly Designed School Bus Conversion.

Danny, a book lover who has been living in his bus for over 6 months designed his space beautifully. He was very thoughtful with what he knew he needed and wanted while living in a small space. The amount of storage is incredibly impressive. He also has a kitchen with so much counter space, an oven to bake bread, a deep sink, plenty of shelving and a dining room table. Danny lived in NY for 33 years and desired a slower pace of life and more time outdoors, so he made the leap and truly created a HOME on wheels.

Hello my name is Danny O'Brien I'm from New York City and this is a 2001 Thomas Freightliner 38 feet long and has a 5.9 Cummins engine. I've been living in my bus for about six months I've been on the road for a little over a month.

I was working on a contract with a client I designed and designed and researched and measured and every spare moment I had I was sitting with my drawing paper and luckily I have some design background so it will a really fun project.

I've basically spent about two years designing and then because of the way things were landing

with this contract ending my work in New York City was collapsing my business because I was away so much.

I was traveling overseas with this particular client my son was graduating college my apartment lease was expiring all these things happen at once and luckily I saw it two years out and had this plan in motion and so when the contract ended mid-july I had to the end of July to pack up all my things and drive to North Carolina where the bus was waiting.

I had this incredible crew of the stasi Jeff Quinton and Chris and we spent a couple months working non-stop day and day out on this bus and I am very happy here.

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