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Adorable 16 foot trailer TINY HOUSE with surprisingly spacious inside.


Take a tour of this adorable tiny house with us. It's built on a short 16 foot trailer but it still feels surprisingly spacious inside with a huge galley kitchen on the main floor and a queen sized bed upstairs in the loft. Martin Bisson from Lumbec ( built this tiny home, La Nautique (The Nautical in English), as his company's first tiny house prototype.


The team added extra square footage by building out onto the triangular space at the front of the trailer. The living room/dining room area is built in this "bonus" space, and feels bigger than it is because there's no overhead storage or loft above it. There are electrical hookups below the seats in the living room so that solar panels could be connected easily.

In the kitchen, just above the countertop, there's also a small Dickinson Marine heater.


In the center of the tiny house there's a surprisingly spacious galley kitchen with tons of counter space, and ample storage beneath the countertops. There is an instant hot water heater that heats water for both the kitchen sink and the shower but there's no water tank in this house, so it would need to be hooked up to city water.

At the back of the home there's a bathroom with a pocket door and this is the one room where the team ran into some design problems. Since they wanted the tiny house to be livable in all 4 seasons, they had to keep all of the plumbing and the grey water tank inside the insulated building envelope to prevent pipes and the tank from freezing in the winter. You'll see that the shower is a step up off the floor and that there isn't actually enough space to stand up in it yet (it is a prototype after all!). What they're going to do to remedy this is raise the ceiling by just over a foot, directly above the shower, and they'll use the raised surface this creates in the loft as a bedside table.

Last but not least there is a Japanese inspired step ladder with built-in hand holds that brings you up into a loft that has space for a queen-sized bed. Lumbec installed a sliding window in the bedroom that is wide enough to fit the mattress through so that when it's time to replace the mattress, you can fit the mattress through the window.

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