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Adventurous Woman works full-time on the road helping small businesses In Her Mercedes Van.

Megan is an adventurous, smart woman who loves road life, but is also real and honest about her experience. She works full-time on the road helping small businesses get themselves going. Her van's name is 'Avo', short for Avocado she is a 2500 2015 Mercedes Sprinter van 144 wheelbase.

Hi, I’m Megan! I am a right-brained accountant who is finding her way in life and doing things a little differently. Accountant by day (sometimes night) and an adventure seeker on the regular, I’m on a mission to prove to the world that accountants know how to have fun too.

From September 2017 to November 2018, I lived on the road in a converted Sprinter camper van with my then partner Matt. I have been off the road for about two months now - I am still reflecting on my time spent traveling and and processing what I learned from this incredible experience. It feels like an ongoing journey - but one thing is definite - I don’t feel like the same person I was when I left on this trip. It’s not actually ME who has changed, but the things I want out of life that have shifted.

I still have plenty of adventure dreams in my future; including things like building my own successful business, rafting the Grand Canyon, camping under the stars as often as possible, owning another van (someday), building the tiny home of my dreams and being surrounded by a loving and authentic community every day. I’m working on building the life I want.

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