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After Retirement She Started Over With A New Life In Her Custom Tiny Home On Wheels.

Hi my name is sandy Brooks and I am originally from Iowa living in Colorado for the last 40 years and welcome to my tiny house. I'm very excited about it so I hope you enjoy it too.I have been transitioning for many years. My last home was about a thousand square feet I had to put all of that away and now I'm retired starting over with a completely different life.

My dog Zoey sleeps underneath the dishwasher most of the time and she's my friend. She's

five years old and she's very happy in this tiny home. I really love light and so I am very happy with the whole tiny home and the fact that it has to count them all up there's like 12 windows in here and the door is included in that so that I have lots of light coming in during the day, and

then I have a what I think is a gorgeous refrigerator it is huge for a tiny home.

I have a two burner stove and then I have a generic convection oven and microwave which I love also I brought in my artwork and voila this fit right here so that's why this fun piece is up on my

tiny home.

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