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Amazing DIY Tiny House 24 ft With Loft Hammock.


Portland, Oregon is well known as one of America's greatest tiny house hubs, and so it's no surprise that it's home to some truly unique tiny house designs. This tiny home is a great example of that! Built by friends Whit and Cody, this home on wheels has lots of space saving design features, clever transforming furniture and even a giant hammock which spans the two sleeping lofts!


This 24 x 8.5 ft  (7.3 x 2.5m) tiny house is the brain-child of Whit and Cody, two dynamic friends who have called this project ‘Smore Life’. The smore reference comes from the Shou Sugi Ban technique of charring the cedar to help seal and protect it, which reminded the friends of cooking smores over the camp fire.

It would be easy to spend a whole afternoon comfortably lying in the  hammock, reading a book while looking up at the clouds with the skylight above. Enjoy VIDEO Tour


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