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As a Nomadic Tiny House camper van renovation.

I'm Shelby. I'm Rooster, and this is our RV Louise. We're actually not really new to the tiny living game and we got married in 2015 and right away moved on to a boat that was actually smaller than the RV. So this for us feels more homey than some of the other places we've lived. So Rooster is in the military and I am an online ESL teacher. So this lifestyle really works for us because I don't have to quit my job and start all over again every time we move somewhere and as long as there's wifi, I can work.

For the first few years of our marriage, we spend the majority of our marriage actually living separately in different cities, states, sometimes countries, and so the RV was really the only solution for us to stay together under the same roof for the first time in a year almost because we were moving so often and we didn't own furniture, we would just take a bed with us everywhere we went. So the RV is the first time we've owned a kitchen table in three years.

So for us it was nice to finally have a place to really call home. So when we got the RV, we just pretty much completely overhauled it.

I grew up working with my dad who was a carpenter and so learned a little bit here and there. We had these big old builtin ugly recliners back here. We actually had overhanging cabinets, so we tore out a lot of stuff in here. Has been a lot harder than it should've been because not having a table saw, you can't have a whole garage full of stuff and this thing that's definitely made it a little bit more difficult.

So my style is a little more eclectic and Bohemian. But when we found out we were moving to California, I definitely went with a more sort of shack, interior design. I didn't realize how much of a creative outlet this was going to be for me. So it's been really fun for me just to challenge myself creatively and learn that you don't have to be a professional at something.

If you have something in your heart you want to do, you should just go for it.

I think my favorite part is the day bed area. It's just very unique to us in our home and it was like the first area that I stepped after all the blood, sweat and tears and was like, Oh, this is it.

So I think my favorite part is just being able to pack up and be right next to the beach one day.

With him being military and living separate life for so long, it's nice to finally live under the same roof together. Sometimes we'll complain about little things and we'll remind each other like remember why we're doing this. I think that we also learned to just live with less. You don't need what you think you need.

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