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Asha Mevlana's Musician's Incredible Tiny House With Mobile Music Studio.


Asha Mevlana likes to make noise. She’s an electric violinist who tours with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra rock band every year, and who has performed with Roger Daltrey of The Who, Alanis Morissette and other top musicians. Her on-the-road lifestyle caused her to keep all her belongings in storage units in Los Angeles, Boston and New York.


The home’s layout is incredibly unique. Next to the 40ft tiny house on foundations is a smaller, completely mobile music studio on wheels. The two spaces are joined by a large deck, which purposely opens up towards the street to encourage community interaction and even some musical concerts for the neighbourhood.

While most tiny houses are built on trailers, Mevlana’s sits on a concrete foundation and is 10 feet wide rather than the more typical 8-foot-wide designs. That extra 2 feet gave Mevlana room for standard-size appliances and extra storage in the 13-by-9-foot U-shaped kitchen.


The music studio next door adds a completely different element. It’s well insulated and sound proofed and provides the perfect place for Asha to store her instruments, practice her music and create her art. Constructed on wheels, this mobile music studio can be even taken on the road and is capable of being used as a performance space.

Asha is an inspired and creative soul with an abundance of talent. This small home is perfectly suited to her unique life as a successful musician and travel television presenter, giving her a comfortable place to call home.

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