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At 77 She Sold Half Of Her Stuff To Live In Her Downstairs Bedroom Tiny House.

Penny sold over half of her possessions to live simply and tiny in her tiny home on wheels. I am often asked about losted areas and ways around not having one. I think her setup is a perfect example of someone finding a great solution to that problem! Also, she mentions wanting to sell/trade this particular tiny home. It looks as though she already sold this tiny home in the time from shooting to posting.

Hi I'm penny and this is my tiny house silver girl and I've been here since December and it's living in a tiny house is so much different from living in a real house and I love it because I got rid of over half of everything. I owned to come here and I just I just think it's great I don't know it takes ten

minutes to clean the house from top to bottom so that's a good thing.

I am selling it if somebody wants to buy it or I'd trade it for one with no loft but that seems to be a real hard commodity to find so I may have to have another one made without a loft because lofts seem to be in all the tiny houses and that's fine if you're 20 years old but not so great when you're almost 80 it doesn't work that well again. I chose everything in this house and I love it again my name is penny and you can find me on Facebook if you're interested and thank you for watching even if you're not interested this is first time.

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