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Awesome Multi-Level Tree House.


"The Nest" tree house designed by Will Beilharz of ArtisTree is located at Cypress Valley just outside of Austin, Texas. The Nest is an intricate tree house built on several levels and in multiple trees. It's used as a vacation rental on the property.


Will has a passion for tree house design, and "The Nest" was one of his first creations. He wanted to build a Swiss Family Robinson-esk tree house, where families could call to each other from multiple levels. One awesome feature with The Nest tree house? You can actually take a zip line tour which ends at the tree house!

The Nest tree houses features two bedrooms and one bathroom. There are multiple staircases and swinging bridges.


In the summer, the lush landscape and wildlife create an jungle-like backdrop! The Nest even features a butterfly hatchery and living roof! We think this has to be the COOLEST TREE HOUSE EVER!

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