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Beautiful Budget Van Conversion: Better to Travel on a Budget than not at all

I am Michael I'm Stephanie this is Jasmine and this is cargo van conversion Serbian Dora. We were both working in Halifax Nova Scotia you really wanted to start travelling we wanted to do world travel to kind of caught wind of the van thing looked into it.

We were looking into sprinters for a while cuz I really wanted to be able to stand up but all the Sprinter vans are just way out of our budget and then they all needed like so much work the ones that we could afford. We looked for like a couple months I was really actually kind of hard to find him in the second we'd find a van I would call them anybody McMahon's gone and this one we kind of just we found it on Kijiji within five minutes after he posted I called the guys like we will take this VAN.

He was four hours away so we made the trip up there on the weekend he actually held it for us you got it safety for us and I just loved the character of it the van itself costs twenty nine hundred dollars it about eleven hundred dollars in repairs and the build was actually

really cheap I used some scrap wood from work and we just got cheap material it was like maybe two thousand dollars so total I'd say what like six thousand dollars the entire setup .

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