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Beautiful eco-home built with the footprint of an old reservoir.


For ten years, this site stood empty and was no use to anyone, until three years ago, it was spotted by 26-year-old Annie Mackinder. She bought the place, which was £20,000, but it was just a hole in the ground. This may have been a big gamble but Annie did her research and spent a year working closely with the local council. Two years later Annie's hard work paid off.


Looking at the high spec, glossy interior, there's nothing that suggests a modest budget.

On the top floor, there's a beautifully spacious bedroom and en-suite bathroom plus an incredible open-plan kitchen and living space. Annie drew the plans for the whole build herself, from the roof joists to the spotlights, saving a fortune in architects' fees.

Annie's services are all eco-friendly, from a soak-away system to an air-source heat pump for heating.


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