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Beautiful Tiny House on wheel Makeover.


Standing inside the fifth wheel camper that interior designer and HGTV personality Jo Alcorn transformed, you can barely tell the home is mobile. In fact, the stunning space feels more like a spacious, luxurious condo than a recreational vehicle.


Hi, I'm Jo Alcorn and welcome to a tiny home. My parents bought a fifth wheel trailer and it did not look like this before. So when I entered this space I thought, 'Oh my god, we need to make it over!' When it came to a fifth wheel, it was very dated there was the old cabinets and it was just kind of dark and closed off and I really wanted to make it very open and airy and almost feel like a tiny home, which is a big, big trend nowadays.

It's been a huge transformation! It really feels very homey and inviting. Enjoy full tour


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