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Beautiful Tiny House with many windows that make it a bright and pleasant space to live.

The Tiny House Téméraire asserts itself through its bright colors and modern architecture.

The aluminum cover and exterior wall cladding is a vibrant turquoise blue.This contrasts wonderfully with the red cedar blades of warm shade. Inside, comfort is present. The fitted kitchen is discovered on the left when entering and occupies the entire width of the tiny house.

To the right of the door is an entrance cabinet that will accommodate the shoes. You can also store the logs that will feed the wood stove located above the furniture. A large staircase includes several storage spaces including a dog kennel. Below the basket even hides a secret hatch!

The staircase is extended by a landing which offers a high ceiling height to access the upstairs bedroom.

The living room is equipped with a sofa, a coffee table and a small armchair. A sliding door gives access to the large bathroom. In it are an 80x80cm shower, dry toilets with stainless steel bucket and chip compartment, a washer-dryer, as well as a large wardrobe made up of several compartments. Finally, the floor of the tiny house is made up of a very small attic mezzanine and a large mezzanine serving as a bedroom.

In the latter is a double bed of 140x190cm. The room is secured by a rope balustrade drawing a sun.The many windows of the house make it a bright and pleasant space to live.The Tiny house Téméraire is the main house of Clément and Maryon (and their doggies!), Who welcomed her in a nice shared plot located in the Gers.

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