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Beautiful Tiny Houses built to be used all year round.

Our houses are built to be used all year round. They are built with natural materials and designed to have the best balance of light and space. A micro home has everything you need to stay comfortable in all seasons. We have two models. These are: 7.5 meter long and 2.5 meter wide. (22 m2 including the loft). 6.5 meter long and 2.5 meter wide. (19.5 m2 including the loft).


  • Exterior cladding in 16mm Scandinavian spruce

  • Wooden framed windows double laminated

  • Bi-folding exterior door with glass

  • Aluminium roof

  • Constructed for Norwegian winters


  • Painted walls and ceiling

  • Ceiling height 3 meters

  • Bed in loft with timber floor

  • Choice of hardwood floors

  • Oak staircase with inbuilt storage


  • 4X600mm kitchen cabinets and drawers, space for a built in oven

  • A choice of kitchen decors

  • Oak countertop

  • Space for a dishwasher

  • Space for a fridge/freezer

  • Stainless steel sink and faucet

  • Optional stove with exhaust fan

  • Downlights


  • Incineration or composting toilet

  • Vanity unit with ceramic sink

  • A spacious corner shower

  • Downlights

  • Space for a washing machine

  • Standard drains

Water & Electrical system

  • 230V electric installation to Norwegian standards

  • Electric in-floor heating

  • A water system with constant pressure pump

  • 130 liters water tank

  • 30 liters water system

Measurements & weight

  • Outside length: 7.5 metres

  • Outside width: 2.55 metres

  • Outside height: 4.20 metres

  • Trailer manufacturer: BK-hengeren

  • 4 support legs

  • 3 axels

  • Total weight of 3500 kg


7.5 meter: 930000 NOK (100,000 USD)

6.5 meter: 890000 NOK (95,000 USD)

Watch Video Tour of One of the House on : Youtube

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