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Beautiful warm colors Tiny House for Sale


One of the first questions people have about tiny houses is how tiny house dwellers can engage in normal life things like, say, having a significant other. But as evidenced by these cleverly spacious tiny houses—some of them designed for real couples—it’s entirely possible.


Tiny homes aren't just about looking cute — they're part of a growing movement that promotes sustainable living. Many designers have figured out innovative ways to make these small homes amazingly well-equipped and, yeah, pretty adorable too.

This 400 sq. ft Model C offers a compact footprint without sacrificing any of the qualities of a premium home, like stainless steel appliances, granite counter-tops and vaulted ceilings. With customization in mind, we provide all the options you need to make your house a home.


Starting at $59,900 / Financing Available

Property: Battle Ground, Washington, United States

If you love it this beautiful tiny house visit to contact Seller.

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