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Brilliant DIY (20x8) Tiny House with Home Office Space For $30.000

We love how the space limitations of tiny home spur creative design solutions. Alek Lisefski’s truly remarkable 160 sqft tiny house, called The Tiny Project, is a perfect example of that. Enjoy this throwback tour & get inspired! Also learn what it was like for his girlfriend, Lee, to move in with him.


Alek designed and built this 8'×20'x13.4' THOW back in 2013 for $30,000. Back then Tumbleweed’s craftsmen style tiny house on wheels was the most prevalent available design. But he wanted something more modern looking and open feeling. Ultimately he created an incredibly well-thought-out layout, full of practical features and creative storage solutions. Like in his epic kitchen.

As a digital nomad, functional home office space was a must for Alek. His primary office space features a desk large enough for a monitor and a laptop. It’s situated in front of a big window for lots of natural light, which helps him not feel cooped up.And when he needs to stretch his legs, he can relocate to the fold-down standing desk. In front of it is a hanging office organizer that neatly stores office supplies and tucks away unruly cables.

After living in his tiny house for 3.5 years, Alek & Lee sold everything and moved to New Zealand. But the positive perspective-shifting lessons of living tiny have had a lasting impact on his life. Which is perhaps why everyone could benefit from simplifying their space and belongings.

“Forcing yourself to simplify your belongings then makes you question what else in your life is more or less important, and how you can shift things in order to be happier.” – Alek Lisefski

For DIY tiny house resources and to learn more about Alek's build, visit his website:

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