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Building a tiny house yourself isn't easy but this Couple have made a Gorgeous DIY Tiny House - $25k

This fantastic tiny house is built for life on the road! Trysh and Saul are two traveling therapists who are used to living life on the move and wanted to be able to craft a home which can easily be taken with them. A tiny house on wheels was the perfect solution. As a young professional couple with loads of school debt, they were on a tight budget so their DIY spirit kicked in. Finding construction materials secondhand, on craigslist and every Habitat for Humanity they could find!

The entire project was done as a do-it-yourself build, where Saul did the vast majority of the home’s construction. Saul and Trysh spent a lot of time sourcing second hand materials throughout the build, helping to keep the budget down and Saul worked on completing the home in his spare time, often building the tiny house after finishing work for the day, and chipping away at the project into the early hours of the morning.

They were able to complete their whole build for roughly $25,000 over a two year period. Pre-covid they had plans of being traveling therapists, so the tiny home life was ideal because they would not have to find housing every time their contract was up. They also have great insight into "sticking to the why" when the build becomes difficult. The layout and design of this house wastes no space and is very practical for this couple.

This home is cleverly deigned with many high end finishes. It’s also compact in size making it ideal for travel. You can follow Trysh and Saul’s traveling tiny house adventures on Instagram.

Video Tour By: Tiny Home Tours

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