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Couple Sells Home To Escape Debt & Builds Out A School Bus For $19K

Travis and Destoni owned a home, but felt trapped. They were deeply in debt and working hard feeling like they were just treading water. They decided to throw out all of the rules they had been taught and choose their future. They sold their home, took the equity to pay off their debt and build out the bus, which cost 19K. Now they get to travel full-time. For work, they stop in places they love and work for a season and then move on to the next spot. They've been doing it for almost a year and love it.


“I'd been in my job for 11 years and I was miserable like I was suicidal it was really really bad,”


“We were just tired of being stuck where we were not having those experiences”


“It was like okay we have to change something and this was this was our way out we had the equity in our house so we could pay off the debt and give us money to travel.”


“we built this in front of our home so everything that is in here is what we wanted to be in here and when we left it in our house it's because we were getting rid of it once we laid the blue tape on the floor the only part that changed was that that hallway to go to the back bedroom.”


“Everything had to be so customized that it was like I feel like that helped because it gave just a guideline and we could just form what we needed to around that”


“We were learning new things along the way custom for so so and we had weekend , every weekend we worked full-time and so it was every weekend this is all we did there's a lot to learn but we had work construction before so like the framing kind of stuff was and using drills and power tools and that kind of thing was all natural for us, once we get done with the shower I suspect it'll be about 18 19 thousand”

This is our bus it is a two thousand international it has a a four four four E engine and the 8545 transmission it was a 66 passenger bus it is now a three passenger bus.

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