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Bumble: A Unique Campervan Adventure with Twin Sliding Doors and Off-Grid Comfort.

2012 Renualt Master L2H2

LAYOUT: Bumble has a fixed bed which runs widthways across the rear of the van. Access to the living areas is through the passenger side sliding door and access to the large garage storage area through the rear doors. Main electrical and water systems are located here, compactly situated above the wheel arches. The drivers side sliding door provides access to additional storage alongside the grey water tank and diesel air heater. The kitchen stretches across the bulkhead and has a large curtained hatch for emergency access to the cab if required. Water pump, hot water, heating and mains power are able to be controlled through a control panel in the overhead storage cabinet within the living area.

VENTILATION HEATING AND INSULATION: The living and sleeping area is completely enclosed in an insulated box, separate from the front cab. The custom made bulkhead is fully insulated, mitigating the amount of heat lost, or let in, through the glass windscreen and windows of the cab.

Bumble is fully insulated with 25mm insulation board in the floor, ceiling and bulkhead and ‘Supasoft’ Recycled plastic wool insulation in the walls, cavities, within doors and above the cab. This is accompanied with ‘Therma Wrap’ Bubble foil insulation over any bare metal surfaces such as the rear doors. ‘Rattletrap’ style sound deadening pads are also adhered to the paneling which works in conjunction with the insulation for a rattle-free quiet and smooth ride at motorway speeds. Photos are available of the conversion process including installation of insulation upon request.

Both side windows come with hand-made, twin layer insulated blinds which can be poppered tight to the frame of the door in order to retain heat and reduce moisture in the colder months.

Finally, heat can be provided in the colder seasons by a diesel air heater which blows clean hot air into the living area and exhausts through the floor under the van. A carbon monoxide detector is also included for safety.

Ventilation is provided by an overhead skylight with built in blind and bug-net and a smaller sliding window at the foot of the bed. 90% Privacy tinted windows on each sliding door have built in windows which can be opened independently of the doors themselves for further ventilation and through-draft.

  • 25mm Insulation Board Throughout

  • Recycled Wool Insulation in Cavities

  • Therma Wrap Bubble foil vapour barrier

  • Sound deadening ‘rattletrap style’ adhesive pads

  • Diesel air heater with independent tank.

  • CO Detector

  • Custom made twin layered roll-up window blinds

  • Overhead Skylight with built in blinds & bug net

  • Small bedside window with built in bug net

LOUNGE: The seating area in the lounge is a multipurpose space and comes with custom made high quality foam seat cushions and backrests. A pair of seats face each other with a pull-out table in between for eating and working. Twin 240v outlets and twin 60w USB-C/A chargers provide power for phones, laptops or almost anything else.

One seat pulls out to reveal access to extra storage underneath and to create a sofa or extra bed. The other is specifically designed to house a brand new Thetford 365 Porta Potti (included). This seat can easily be removed entirely if more space is desired and the toilet not necessary.

The overhead cabinet has a control panel built into the side providing access to controls for the main lights, Water Pump, Fridge, Inverter, Heater and battery monitoring.

  • Twin seats / Sofa / Extra Bed

  • Custom made thick foam cushions

  • Storage under both seats

  • Pull out sliding table

  • Dimmable light switch

  • Water Pump & Fridge Switch

  • Heating Controls

  • Inverter (mains power) switch.

  • Thetford 365 Porta Potti (new)

KITCHEN: The kitchen stretches widthways in an L shape across the bulkhead. A 12v fridge sits underneath alongside storage for pots and pans in open cabinets, shelves and draws. Cooking is handled by a portable 1500w induction stove with twin hobs. We’re blown away by how effective the stove is – it boils water faster than our ceramic electric stove at home.

The cab has carpeted storage above it in the headliner. A curtained hatch opens to the front cab which could be used to access to the front of the van without leaving the vehicle if necessary.

A large stainless steel sink houses a flexible mixer tap with two spray settings. The electric hot water heater housed in the rear of the van can be toggled on and off from the kitchen.

Multiple 240v sockets are available and will power most kitchen appliances such as blenders, juicers, twin slice toasters, slow cookers, small kettles etc.

  • 12v Fridge

  • Enough power for the majority of kitchen appliances

  • Flexible mixer tap

  • Hot and cold water

  • Large sink

  • Hatch to front cab

  • Headliner storage

WATER SYSTEM: A lockable water inlet is located on the rear of the van which feeds into an exterior, underslung 50L water tank. From there the water is drawn and circulated through a filter by a Seaflo 12v water pump. An accumulator tank is built into the system to allow for smooth water flow and equal pressure.

Hot water is handled by a 240v domestic water heater with a built in 6L hot tank. The water is heated to a hot, usable temperature in 12 – 15 minutes or very hot, ‘MAX’ in 20 minutes approx and will retain its temperature for a long time with minimal power consumption. The hot water line is connected to a pressure relief safety outlet valve.

Hot and cold water runs to the front of the van to the kitchen sink mixer tap and to an outdoor shower stored within the cabinets accessed via the driver side sliding door. Once up to temperature the hot water tank provides enough hot water for a comfortable shower. Further stats available on request.

Grey water from the kitchen sink can either be stored in an onboard tank or drained directly through the floor to the ground, giving you the ability to stay discreet and drain your grey water elsewhere if desired.

  • Lockable Water Inlet

  • 50L Underslung fresh water tank

  • 1.5kw 240v Hot water Heater

  • Outdoor hot shower

  • Fresh water filter

  • 12v Seaflo Pump

  • Seaflo accumulator tank

  • Overpressure safety valve

  • 20L Grey water tank

  • Optional through-floor grey water drainage

ELECTRICS: Bumble houses a large Lithium Iron Phosphate battery which 520 amp hours of USEABLE power. Equivalent to approximately 10 large lead acid leisure batteries the system can store at least 6kw of usable power, allowing Bumble to heat its water and cook your food without the added space, safety and insurance considerations required for propane based systems.

A BMS (battery management system) ensures the Battery is protected and operates within normal parameters. It also provides for wireless bluetooth monitoring on your phone.

An incredibly quiet 2000w Renogy inverter provides mains power to all 240v sockets and the hot water heater. The system is built above-spec and has enough contingency and space to handle an upgraded 3000w inverter if desired without having to upgrade the wiring.

A mains hookup is located on the outside of the van and a changeover switch allows you to swap between hookup and inverter power.

All mains power either from hookup or inverter runs through a RCD protected circuit breaker before being split to three double pole mini circuit breakers for mains outlets, water heater and charging. In addition to the protections offered by the BMS all 12v circuits and appliances are individually fused.

The battery can be charged via three sources. Solar, Engine and Hookup (mains) power. Generally the 540w of solar panels will provide more than enough to live off during the summer months.

Quick charge PD USB C and USB A outlets are located in the living area and do not need the inverter to be running in order to operate. USB C will provide charge and power for more modern laptops and equipment. The kitchen houses a 12v outlet and a WIRELESS charging pad that will operate without running the inverter (because why not!?)

All current runs through a Victron battery monitor which provides data and state of charge information to a display located in the living area and via bluetooth to your phone.

Everything can be turned off and isolated. The battery itself can have its charging or discharging disabled via the BMS’ bluetooth.

An electrical schematic can be provided alongside other documentation and usage guide if required.

  • 520ah 12v Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

  • Max Discharge / Charge: 250A / 125A

  • DALY 250A BMS. Protections for Over/Under: Voltage, Current, Charge, Temperature.

  • Victron Smart BMV 712

  • Victron Bluesmart 30A Mains charger

  • Renogy 40A MPPT Solar Charger

  • Renogy 40A DC/DC Charger

  • Renogy 2000w Inverter (With enough space for 3000w upgrade if desired)

  • Perlight 270W Rigid Solar Panels x2

LIGHTING There are a lot of options for lighting in Bumble! Via a combination of the three different light systems you can create your perfect Hygge atmosphere.

Two high quality COB LED strips run the length of the ceiling providing bright, warm lighting when desired. Lights are operated via a button within easy reach of the main entrance. When held down this button will also dim these strips up and down. There is also a wireless remote to dim and turn these lights on and off if you’re in bed or approaching the van from the outside.

Four ultra low power spotlights are built into the ceiling which individually turn on and dim by touch.

Finally, two individually switched mini reading spotlights are located above the bed.

The garage also has its own lighting for when you’re rummaging around in the back after dark.

  • High power dimmable COB LED Light strips x2

  • x4 Low Power Individually Dimmable LED Spots.

  • x2 Adjustable angle LED mini reading spotlights.

  • Garage Lighting

  • Magnetic remote control for LED light strips.

STORAGE & CABINETS: Bumble houses a large under-bed garage area with electrics and water systems compactly stored above the wheel arches for maximum capacity. The plywood walls and wooden floor will allow additional storage components to be added if desired.

A bespoke custom made roof rack (lightweight aluminium extrusion) sits atop the van. This rack houses the two solar panels and has a little extra space towards the rear. The solar panels sit very slightly below the framework allowing you to rest something across the panels if required and utilise the full length of the roof rack without damaging them. Eyes exist around the edges of the rack to allow for strapping things down and the channels within the extrusion will allow you to add channel nuts to bolt whatever you like to it. The van currently does not have a ladder, but one can be added if requested.

Kitchen cabinets and the living space divider are made with ultra lightweight furniture board and protected by a satin varnish. All draws are soft closing with locking latches for when in transit. Additional storage can be accessed from the second sliding door which houses the diesel heater under a removable panel. Secret storage for very valuable items can be accessed by removing the bottom draw.

The overhead cabinet has been constructed carefully with 12mm and 6mm plywood to keep weight to a minimum. Likewise the ceiling uses thinly cut larch and 4mm plywood screwed and glued into sturdy wooden beams in order to keep weight to a minimum.

Extra storage can be found under the seats in the living area, accessed via a slide out system in one seat, and a lift up top with doors in the other. If a toilet is not required then plenty of storage is freed up under here. Both seats are custom built and clad with reclaimed wood finished with Boiled Linseed Oil – the back of the kitchen units, accessible from the second sliding door also utilises this and provides a solid base if additional hooks or storage parts are needed.

  • Large garage area under bed

  • Overhead Storage Unit

  • Headliner (above cab) storage

  • Soft close locking draws

  • Opened angled storage cabinet for pots and pans etc

  • Stylish coat/towel hook on bulkhead

  • Plenty of room for additional hooks and catches

  • Lightweight materials used throughout

EXTERNAL/MISC: In addition to the internal parts the van has had the following work recently done to it

  • Subtle decals

  • Wheels painted

  • New front bumper

  • New engine undercover

  • AC Recharged

  • New sliding door rails

  • New sliding door wheels

  • New wing mirrors

  • New rear units

Beds Description Sleeps 3 x1 Fixed small double bed with new memory foam mattress x1 Small single bed (converts from seats) Bumble sleeps up to three people. The double bed comes with a new, super comfortable memory foam mattress and can has an adjustable head section for lounging. The walls at each end are padded and the bed is recessed into them in order to allow for the maximum possible space and comfort. A beautiful piece of reclaimed white oak stretches along the front edge of the bed and two mini reading lights sit overhead with switches located in the recesses. Extra storage for books, phones etc is built into the rear doors, easily accessible from the bed. The seating area made with custom foam cushions converts into a small single and is ideal for a child.

Conversion Description KEY FEATURES:

  • Huge 520ah (6KW) Capacity Lithium Iron Phosphate Leisure Battery

  • Custom roof rack 540w of solar.

  • 240v Water heating & induction cooking (no propane on board).

  • Large under-bed “Garage” Storage

  • Fully Insulated, including bulkhead, rear doors and headliner.

  • USB C and 240v (mains) power throughout.

  • Beautiful slow-grown Siberian Larch ceiling.

  • Diesel hot air heater.

  • Outdoor hot shower.

  • Emergency toilet.


Bumble has two key features which set it apart from most vans. Firstly being its twin sliding doors. Highly unusual, they allow the living space to fully open up when desired and provide easy access to additional storage and utility spaces which isn’t usually possible on a standard van.

Secondly, Bumble has been designed to do away with propane gas for heating water and cooking and make the most of solar power. Bumble’s hot water system and cooking facilities are fully electric and with a huge 520ah LiFePO4 battery it can be lived in comfortably for several days without charging the battery at all.

When it comes to generating power Bumble boasts 540W of solar panels mounted to a bespoke roof rack, DC/DC 40amp engine charging and 30amp charging through hookup, allowing for a maximum theoretical charge of 115 amps altogether. A 2000w Renogy inverter provides mains power throughout the van in addition to 12v power.

A ceiling made up of slow-grown Siberian larch, COB Led strip lighting throughout and LED spot lights produce an exceptionally cosy and ‘Hygge’ feel at night. Bumble is one of the coziest van’s we’ve ever spent the night in.


Renault Master L2H2 (MWB)



80,740 miles

3 Berths

Sold For: 32,000£


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