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Charming Tiny House Off Grid with a cost between $15-20,000.


Chris and Malissa Tack designed and built their beautiful, off-grid tiny house. They started one of the first DIY tiny home blogs, an early inspiration for us and countless others. It’s a 140 square feet THOW and sits on a 7’ x 20’ trailer, and took them 7 months to build. The total cost is between $15-20,000. As their family has grown, the use of their tiny home is evolving.


The house comes with a 6'3" long bench, perfect for the occasional nap, or just relaxing and snuggling up and enjoying a movie. With tons of storage inside, feel free to stash whatever you might not need away for another day. The folding desk under the TV gives you adequate room to use your personal computer or to enjoy your meals.


The kitchen has a small sink, two burner cooktop and a compact refrigerator with separate freezer and fridge space. So get ready to sit back, relax and enjoy tiny!

If you like it rent on: Airbnb

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