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Couple Buys Florida Island & Builds 2nd Tiny House, built to withstand hurricanes.

Sam & Tim have lived in a Tiny House on wheels for three years, and they are ready for their next project! They bought a fresh-water island in Florida, where they are building their 2nd Tiny Home. This one is Prefab 320 sq feet home on a foundation, and it's built to withstand hurricanes.


“We decided to live in a tiny home because we were looking at traditional style homes as well as renting and tiny living made most sense for us we wanted less stuff in our life and we were kind of making that path or groove in our life to achieve those goals.”


If anything I was the one doing the convincing I wanted to live in a tiny house for a long time and eventually Tim came around.


I originally found Tiffany on Craigslist I was just surfing the internet at night and saw this beautiful blue home I showed it to Sam I went to go and look at it probably the next day or two and then Sam instantly said this is gonna be our house.

“Tiffany,” named for the stained glass windows and light fixtures, has been Sam and Tim’s primary home for three years. They are currently parked in an RV park, so they have a flush toilet, wifi, running water, electricity, and plenty of on site amenities. When they move to their island, things are going to change. As for now, the island is off-grid, so Sam and Tim are currently building up the infrastructure. They will be putting a compost toilet in their THOW as well as their new Tiny Home on foundation.

So we've been living tiny for three years and we really enjoy it we moved in and it was just everyday living there was no overcoming anything and I don't think we'll ever go to a more

traditional home we might go a little bit bigger if we have kids but we'll probably stay tiny for quite a while.


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