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Couple’s built amazing DIY tiny house in the middle of a nudist club!

This couple’s incredible, DIY built tiny house has found an amazing home right in the middle of a nudist club! There, they have a private spot on a large property and even access to amenities such as the swimming pool and spa.

Mariëlle and Chris wanted to build a tiny house as it was an affordable housing option that would allow them to also try their hands and building something themselves. As the couple are both from different countries, they were reluctant to put all their eggs in one basket and wanted to keep the option to be able to move and travel easily. A tiny house on wheels seemed like the perfect solution.

The tiny house is incredible in its design and has loads of features which make it very unique. An engineer by trade, Chris has thought through each and every inch of the home’s design, which includes some amazing features such as a crawl-in closet, laundry chute from the sleeping loft, lots of storage and even a macerating toilet which leads to a bio-digester, turning the couples own human waste into gas which can be used for cooking!

This house is packed with great small space design ideas! Enjoy watching the full tour of this very special home. To follow Mariëlle and Chris’s tiny house journey, you can find them here:

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