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Cozy Tiny House with a unique Style.

The tiny house Essen'Ciel will not go unnoticed during its travels! Its blue bacacier covering and its frame give it a unique style. The house is furnished with numerous windows and built-in tubs for growing outdoor plants.Upon entering the tiny house, we discover a large kitchen, which the owner wanted to separate from the living room.

The bathroom thus occupies a central place in order to separate the two rooms.It is equipped with dry toilets with stainless steel bucket and chip compartment, storage and a shower of 80x80 cm. The bedroom is accessed via a comfortable central staircase which has two retractable steps to save space when not in use.

The living room is equipped with a small desk with drawer and a large convertible sofa which can offer two additional beds if necessary. Difficult not to notice the large blue wall at the end of the living room, on which are articulated shelves in the shape of branches all around an ox eye of 80 cm in diameter.

The bedroom window is particularly wide, to be able to ventilate the room quickly, and of course to offer a very clear panorama to its owner morning and evening.The Essen'Ciel was delivered near Angers. This small house is the main residence of Marie-Laure, and from time to time of Philippe her companion.

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