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Cozy Tiny House with Large Living Room Picture Window bump out.

We believe that a person's house should be in alignment with the way they want to live- a reflection of what they want from life.  Personal freedom and happiness should not be compromised by your home or property but should be perpetuated by it. We design every inch of our tiny homes with purpose. We don't see downsizing or living in a small space as having to do without, we see it as living with more of what matters and less of that which does not. 

Tiny House Details:


  • Body Length: 28

  • Picture Window bump-out 2'

  • Width: 8.5'

  • Height: 13.5'

  • Trailer: Custom 8'x28'

  • Deck: 10'x12'

  • Kitchen: 8'x8'

  • Living Room/Entrance w/Staircase: 12'x8'

  • Loft: 8'x10

  • Second loft 8'x4'

  • Bathroom: 4'x8' 

  • Kitchen Ceiling Height: 7'

  • Loft Wall Height: 3' 

  • Deck: 8'x12'


  • Framing: Wood

  • Siding: Cedar, Metal 

  • Roof: Corrugated metal -shed style

  • Ceiling: Tongue and groove -wood with exposed beams


  • 287 Square Feet

  • Stairs: with built-in storage and place for washer hook-up

  • Flooring: Vinyl, 

  • Bathroom: Shower, Sink, Toilet

  • Counter- Custom Concrete

  • Appliances: Full-size fridge, 

       Range, On-demand Water Heater

Price: $98,000 USD

98k Includes:​​

  • Custom Tiny Home Trailer

  • Deck

  • Custom Storage Staircase

  • Custom Countertops

  • Large Living Room Picture Window bump out

  • Sleeping Loft

  • Second loft with ladder access through Bump-out

  • Full-size Fridge

  • On-demand Propane Water Heater

  • Range

  • Farm Style Kitchen Sink

  • Standard Flush Toilet or Composting Toilet

  • Bathroom vanity

  • Vinyl Flooring

  • Lighting Fixtures

  • Bathroom Fan

  • Plumbing

  • Electric


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