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Custom DIY Tiny House Box Truck Built With Recycled Materials.

Kenny is a self proclaimed "restorer fanatic" and loves to find a purpose for what other people think is trash. He pursued restoring homes as a passion, so when it came to transferring that knowledge to building his tiny space, he felt more prepared for the challenge. He used almost all recycled materials and it took 9 months to build. He found creative ways to use the space during the entire build, so it's a . really unique living space.

I feel like it was almost born into me to some extent you know what I've done you know as a passion is home Renovations. I've renovated a few houses and so I learned a lot of the techniques and skills before there was YouTube to learn how to do a lot of those things. I

was figuring them out one mistake at a time and I just loved it it was just passionate it just drove me but I'm into this tiny kind of concept minimalist, minimal a use of fossil fuels and all of the things that I could do to to make things smaller and more efficient. It's my creative endeavor but it's more about like I said the process I mean figuring out how to use what you've got to make something that you want.

I am a restore fanatic I will go out there and pick through stuff and what can I do with this item what can I do with that just because I thought I can do this I want to figure out how it's done I just couldn't stop myself as I probably had half laughingly referred to as my obsessive compulsive disorder crossed with some attention deficit that sort of balanced itself out into a person who could stick with something but you know just continually coming up with new ideas and what's the next project and what can I make out of what I got.

My name is Kenny Foust I'm from Manhattan Kansas and this is my ego it is my tiny home on wheels this is a 1976 Dodge.

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