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Extraordinarily Eco Tiny House U$ 12.000


Sam and Simone managed to construct this tiny house as a DIY project for only AU$17,000 which works out to be just over US$12,000.


The design of their tiny house matches their ethos in life. It’s open, spacious and completely connected to the outdoors. Large panoramic windows surround the home and give unobstructed views into the surrounding landscape, while an impressive collection of plants inside the home to their part to bring nature indoors for the couple.

Priority in the tiny home has been given to a lovely office space, which is especially important for the couple who are in the process of starting a sustainable online business, crafting and retailing their own sustainable clothing brand, Jungle Alley. Building and living in the tiny house has given the couple a perfect platform to launch their business, as they are able to save money and reinvest to grow their new venture.


Sam and Simone have really shown what’s possible if you’re willing to put your mind, and your hearts into a tiny house build.

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