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Fabulous Farmhouse-Style Tiny Home


Designed to perfectly meet the needs of a family of four, this fantastic farmhouse-style tiny home on wheels is packed full of great design ideas!

This home is as wonderfully styled as it is functional. It’s everything that a young family could hope for. Small space design can be a real challenge. It’s hard enough to design a tiny house that works for one person, or even a couple, but designing a tiny home which will meet the needs of a young family of four can be especially difficult.


The home is open, light and spacious, with downstairs sleeping for the parents via a fold-out bed, and two upstairs sleeping lofts for their two girls. This set-up gives everyone in the house much needed privacy and space, while still allowing the family to be wonderfully connected.


The home’s liveability is extended via a wonderful deck with dining table and even a swimming pool, as well as an astounding outdoor play area for the kids. It really is a young family’s dream set-up!

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