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Family Builds Amazing 36’ tiny house and beautiful with a whooping 3-bedrooms.


The Roost36 tiny house is big and beautiful with a whooping 3-bedrooms. It exudes farmhouse charm, inside and out. One of the impressive features is the 8' fully screened-in porch. Not a composting toilet fan? Roost36 has an off-grid flush toilet. But perhaps, the coolest feature: the downstairs is wheel-chair accessible!


It was built by Perch & Nest Tiny Home Company and is located on their lovely farm in North Carolina. They live, build tiny houses, and host Airbnb THOWs here. Roost36 is a rental, showroom, and most importantly, their family vacation house.

One day, it will be their retirement home. In many ways, it is a reflection of their charming current home, a traditional-size farmhouse.


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