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Family Of 5 Live And Travel In DIY Bus Conversion, Going Debt Free.

Erik and Lindsay realized quickly after getting married that the school debt they had was going to be harder to get debt free than they had initially thought. They also loved adventure and getting outside and felt like they weren't doing enough of that. Once the school bus seed was planted, they couldn't shake it. They spent 2 months building out the their bus and then get on the road with their 3 kids in tow.

We met actually working at a camp in North Carolina we were both counselors we both had the same interest same passions and you know outdoors and adventure, and we started dating there and if the camp was over we went our separate ways she went back to Florida and I went back to Maryland and we sort of did the long-distance dating thing which kind of sucked, it made a decision you know and I moved down they got a job and moved down and the rest of history.

I'm a physician assistant at work in neurosurgery we wanted to travel and when I graduated we had a lot of debt, and I think we thought that it would be fine like it.. would just be no problem going debt free but we realized that it was still hard like we're still just making the minimum payment and still not really having like that much left over to go the stuff we wanted.

We wanted the ability to travel and you know wherever that idea came from took a route it was not gonna go away it was just like.. that it happened, we wanted to have more control over the end product we wanted to have something that would customize ourselves we felt that the the buses were just a lot more authentic kind of looking at the RV they seem like they're a little more cookie cutter, and we just liked the idea that we could can like create it ourselves as well.

We spent about a month living with her parents with the bus in their backyard working on it and then we took it up to Maryland with my parents and worked on it there for about a month basically knocked it out in about two months. We had to downsize quite a bit we had to get rid of a lot of stuff to fit everything into our new tiny home but like after was done it was kind of liberating you know it's kind of like we had a yard sale we had you know we're like giving it away and like once it was gone I was like you know they really didn't miss it.

I t's pretty sweet we're able to save on our monthly like living expenses like we cut that down quite a bit the kids really enjoyed it. I mean they liked having the little bunks they climb into

my older daughter she just thought it was cool like she would tell everybody like we live in a bus and I said I think they did really well with it as for us living here, is what we did for nine

months and it was great for us because we were able to connect just about every night we'd put the kids to bed we pop open a beer and were like some wine and just sit facing each other and just have a conversation they really worked out for us. I don't have any regrets I think

it's good experience I think it's worth it.

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