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Family of 5's living in Tiny House With Clever Design Ideas.


Francois and Sarah-lee live in a stunning, modern tiny house together with their 3 children. At only 21 m2 (226 ft2) fitting a family of 5 into the home was no easy task. Thankfully, Francois, a tiny house designer and builder was up to the challenge!


What’s really interesting about this tiny house’s design, is that the solution to making it more family friendly seems to come, not from adding more, but instead keeping the house incredibly minimal, allowing for a large, open and therefore versatile space to be one of the home’s main features. With bedrooms and the bathroom at one end, as well as a kitchen with dining table at the other, the centre of the home has been left as a large open room, creating a great amount of liveable, usable space.

Time together is incredibly important for this family, and living in a tiny house gives them that in abundance. The reduced cost and debt free living is obviously a huge advantage but it’s about more than that. Enjoy VIDEO Tour


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