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Charming family Tiny house that you will rent immediately


Her name is Sarsha and with her husband decided to do a container home.

Honestly it was her husband that sort of put the idea into her head he's a

designer and he has a great love modular design and and making things that are ugly beautiful they decided to go with something that was light and airy and really modern it's the style they're both really interested in the modern style.


A 40-foot shipping container that they had cut down to 33 feet he had an idea of what he wanted and he worked with with the guys and adapted it to make it work it's very much taking your time and going through and working out what will fit in the tiny home it's a tiny space.

People will love to experience that you know it's a tiny home a container home is something that is not readily available it is very much.


Rent this Tiny House on AirBNB:

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