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Freelance Photographer Living Off-Grid in Her Tiny House in Northern Canada.

Carole Lyne Robin is an impressive and inspiring woman and we love that she has designed her life around what is most important to her. She's a freelance photographer who helped build her own tiny house so that she could afford to live where she wants (off-grid in the bush!) and spend more time with the people and projects she loves.

When she's not taking photographs, she's volunteering as a farm hand on a reindeer ranch, taking courses on how to tan hides in the traditional Cree way, spending quality time with her parents, friends, and extended family, crafting beautiful items, and connecting with the outdoors where she canoes, fishes, hunts, and hikes.

Carole has been living in her tiny home for over 2 years in a rural area in Northern Ontario. She has a solar power system to provide electricity from April to October, and from November to March she uses a generator. She uses propane for her stove, hot water, heat, and for her washer/dryer.

Her tiny home is beautifully decorated and has many amenities, including a soaker bathtub, a full-size washer and dryer, a 4-burner stove, 2 lofts, a cat walk ramp so her cat can access the loft, and a full-sized closet with loads of storage space. We think you'll love touring this tiny house!

I've been living in my home it'll be two years in November so I'll be spending my third winter in my home, I definitely would like to live in it for as long as possible I'm completely off grid I'm leasing the piece of property that I live on currently and I was lucky enough to get an acre and it's pretty secluded.

I have some neighbors but we don't really see each other and I also have a little lake in the back that I could just walk through the forest for about a minute and I get to a little lake, that's pretty private and so yeah I'm really loving where I am .

I grew up in a small town and I spent a lot of time in the woods my dad was a trapper an outfitter a guide so I kind of grew up around all that kind of stuff and I really love the outdoors so it's important for me to be close to nature I feel the most at home in nature even when I'm alone kilometres away from anybody grouse hunting or picking berries or whatever so for me I'm always gonna live in the woods no matter what the further and the better the less neighbors .

My house is eight and a half by 28 so it's 238 square feet not including the lofts I had a contractor framed the home and then Sheeta and then the rest of it was built by my dad and I.

Being able to be a little more free financially and not have to work as hard as I used to, it's allowing me to do a lot of different things within my community in my family and volunteer time to help people out in different ways for example I am a farmhand on a reindeer ranch I do that a couple of times a week so that's really important to me to have those connections with people and to spend time with people.

Spend your life doing the things that you really love and with the people you really love so I really implement that in my life every single day .

You can follow Carole's journey on Instagram here:

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