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Georges Tiny House with a large Sheltered Porch.

The entrance to the tiny Avonlea house is accessed via a large sheltered porch, fitted with two outdoor bench safes and LED spotlights with presence detector to illuminate the door when approaching. Its facade is covered with many windows, including a bull's eye that overlooks the porch.

Inside, natural light takes over the entire space. The solid oak parquet offers a warm and rustic atmosphere. A table, on the right, mirrors the oak staircase. This provides comfortable access to the bedroom. The 2.5m long kitchen contains plenty of storage space, as well as raw clay bins that will keep wines or other beverages cool.

The bathroom has a 80x80 cm shower, as well as a dry toilet with chip compartment and stainless steel bucket. Libraries decorate the living room, to offer the owner of this house, a bookseller by trade, the possibility of storing hundreds of books.The Avonlea was delivered to Clisson. This small house is the main residence of Frédérique and her two dogs Jenny and Flanelle.

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