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Gorgeous FOLDING Tiny House Built with Reclaimed Materials.

Today we’re taking a tour of this really unique 15 foot long tiny house with wings! The wings are actually two swinging bump-outs that can be opened when the tiny house is parked, and they widen the home from 8.5 feet to 12 feet wide, so it becomes almost square. It’s built with nearly 100% recycled and reclaimed materials, and the beautiful woodwork – including custom doors and windows – was all lovingly handcrafted by Nick and his friend Jay on Salt Spring Island in BC.


This tiny house is 15 feet long by eight and a half feet wide and we built it with two bump outs

so to pop out the wing one person needs to be on the inside while the other person is waiting on the outside.


It started with a drawing the blueprints are just one drawing kind of like a bow cartoon,

We used all recycled materials for it basically because we built it on like a super tight budget it's like all labor man-hours I guess I've always built with salvaged materials and I kind of get a kick out of salvaging.

The roof is reclaimed metal from from the house that we renovated on this property actually it was pretty grubby and we had to scrub it for him three days.The insulation is all one and a half inch rigid foam and all of the rigid foam is salvaged all of the wood actually in the whole thing the salvaged material so all of this stuff is all like clear fur that we just refinished and polished up.


I really like tiny spaces just for the simplicity of living in them also them from a design perspective I find it kind of it's like a much bigger challenge to fit everything that you need into a small space and have it feel big and they're so efficient tiny houses.


I've built a lot of tiny houses so far but this is the first one I've built two to sell basically most of them I just live in for a short period of time and then I get bored of them when I want to build any one but I think we're gonna build a lot more maybe not this design because this was incredibly time-consuming but I just really wanted to make one that was this wide so it feels kind of like a regular cabin.

You can get in touch with Nick on Instagram if you'd like to find out more about this DIY folding tiny house build (which is currently for sale) and future projects he's going to be working on:


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