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Gorgeous Modern Tiny 40’ Houseboat with Rooftop Deck.

No1 Living 40’ was introduced to the market in the spring of 2013. It brings a new style to the traditional way of living and spending time on the water through its original design, advanced production technology and modern architecture!

The main features are the high quality of workmanship, generously glazed front living area and interconnection with the surrounding countryside, covered front terrace and the safety railing. The emphasis is placed on maximum use of interior space. No1 Living 40´ is equipped with a kitchen, a full bathroom and a cosy bedroom with plenty of storage space. It offers a great variety of interior layouts and functions and the space for your ideas. All models can also have the full energy, water and waste independence.

No1 Living enables the owner to enjoy a quiet relaxation on board, as well as a trip to a quiet bay or a cruise around the city‘s embankment! It can be used for exclusive housing, recreation and as a base for water sports or fishing or as a place for meeting friends or business partners.

Price : ($162.647)

Size: 40'

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