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Gorgeous self-sufficiency homesteading 24-ft Tiny House.

Ariel has been homesteading and living off-grid in a 24'x8' tiny house for 6 years! She grows, forages and preserves as much of her own food as possible, she cuts her own fire wood, carries her own water, generates electricity with solar, and cooks with propane. She is a passionate backpacker and wildlife photographer who works part-time on a ranch in exchange for a place to park her small home, and she also works a variety of jobs to earn money, although her expenses are very low since she isn't paying rent, and since she managed to pay off the tiny house several years ago.

What is Fy Nyth?

It's my house. An off grid tiny house on wheels. She's 24 feet long and 7.5 feet wide. She's totally road legal so I could hitch up and go anywhere in the country with her. However, she and I live in the western mountains of WY and have no plans to go anywhere right now. I choose the name because I wanted something unique and have always liked the Welsh and Old English languages.

This is the story of it's life and my life in it. Hopefully some of our experiences can be useful to others who want to start a similar lifestyle. I've learned a lot and benefited from others who have written about their experiences, but I've got a few things (cold mountain weather combined with a totally off grid tiny house) that most people don't have much experience with, or at least haven't written much about online. I wish I could have found someone else's experience with something similar to learn from or ask questions to. Maybe I can provide that for the next person.

You can follow Ariel on the Fy Nyth blog and YouTube channel here:

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