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Interior Designer create his Own Colourful Tiny House.


After working on various hit television shows as an interior designer, Kim together with her husband, film-maker Joey have had a chance to create their very own unique and beautiful home in the form of two tiny houses which have cleverly been joined together.


Kim’s creation, she uses clever design techniques and loads of colour to bring her unique design to life. We get an interior designer’s perspective on small space design and lots of tips and tricks for decorating a house to make it feel like a home. This tiny house is cleverly designed to maximise space, comfort and also to really bring a lot of character into the space, using a tremendous amount of colour and some really different design ideas.

All those years of designing other people’s homes have accumulated in this wonderful family home.


Since going tiny, Kim and Joey have given birth daughter, Sunny and now even have a baby boy on the way. To follow this families adventures.

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