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Lady Builds Affordable Zen Tiny House for $40,000.


Vina Lustado is a California based tiny home designer and her first design, featured here, was for her own humble home. Vina's clever use of space, form, function and light make her tiny home seem larger than life! We think it's an excellent example of a "Zen Tiny House."


Vina's tiny home operates mostly off of solar power. She heats her tiny space in the winter with a small gas fireplace, which provides a dreamy ambience. If that's not enough, the property where she is currently parked, is surrounded by orange trees, which emit a citrus scent summertime. In the afternoon light, Vina's tiny home and surrounding luscious landscape create an angelic atmosphere.

Vina was kind enough to share some tips for tiny home design in this video. She also shared her build cost, $40,000, which is extremely affordable for a house in her area.


Vina has been living in her tiny house in Ojai, California, for a little over two years. She expanded the interior space of her design by building over the wheel wells of her trailer and by using less of a roof pitch. Vina also keeps the interior space light with glass french doors, plenty of windows, a skylight and birch interior panels.

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