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Living in 280 square feet Modern Tiny House with two Kids.


Josh and Hannah and this is their tiny house they recently moved to the area after living in a big city and they tried to buy a house but after placing a lot of bids.That fell through they looked into alternative living situations and they decided to go tiny after they saw a tiny house on the Facebook market page. It was able to pay for it with cash because it was a secondhand tiny house.


This is kind of five-year plan so because they were able to pay with cash to buy this house they was trying to save up more money. So there'll be elementary age kids when they probably decide to expand they home size a little bit all they really need is inside 280 square feet and if they have a smaller house to maintain then there's just less worry come on into they home.

Two kids and 280 square feet is challenging at times but it's also really fun family time is 100% of the time. VIDEO TOUR


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